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If you have a 2D DXF file you can Import your file into the free eMachineShop CAD for instant pricing.

If you send us an IGES, STEP, Pro/E, SolidWorks or DXF design file we will convert it to eMachineShop CAD at not cost so you can receive instant pricing and delivery time.

If you send us a PDF or image with dimensions we will quote the cost of creating an eMachineShop CAD model (usually $25 to $50) so you can receive instant pricing and delivery time.

If you are using a Mac or Unix or your organization does not allow to download software click here

With your design in eMachineShop CAD you can: get instant pricing, optimize your design, get instant manufacturability feedback and order online. 


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"I bought some Sparco racing seats for my BMW Z4 but i could not find any single company that made a custom seat bracket for my car. I found this website and at first was not too sure what would become of it. I downloaded the CAD software and was amazed at how easy it was. Being that my brackets were mostly square with 4 bends, i finished them and ..."
- Eduardo Behar
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