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Custom CAD Design Services

If you need design help - we are ready and willing to help you.

Instead of designing your part yourself, like most eMachineShop customers, you can also use our design services to:

To order design service place your order - in the comment box include what you want us to do and a description of what you need, including all important details. The cost estimate will be provided to you for your approval prior to proceeding.


Although design assistance will be provided with reasonable care, you assume full responsibility for checking and adjusting all aspects of designs and engineering/manufacturing advice we provide, including but not limited to correctness, dimensions, safety, settings, selections, applicability, etc. When ordering parts based on a design that we have developed or based on our advice, you agree to accept parts manufactured in accordance with the design and accept other responsibilities under the same conditions as if you made the design. Under no circumstance will eMachineShop remake or refund part(s) that conform to a CAD drawing whether or not parts meet the intended application. It is recommended to order one or a few parts to test a new design before a final quantity is ordered.

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I was very impressed with my order. I hope that the injection molding service is as good.

- Peter Langer

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