Custom CAD Design Services

If you need design help - we are ready and willing to help you.


Do It Yourself - most eMachineShop customers create their own designs in the free CAD software and we encourage you to do so - we have many tools that make it easy to learn our software.


We Do It For You - we can:make a CAD drawing from a concept, sketch or a physical part; convert a design from another CAD drawing to eMachineShop CAD; or help you get started using the eMachineShop CAD software. We can help by email, phone or screen sharing.


The cost for designing by email is $30/hr (1 hr min). Phone based design or training is $65/hr (1 hr min). Simple parts are often designed in about an hour.

Design Service Ordering

To order the design service place your order - in the comment box include what you want us to do and a description of what you need including all important details. After placing your order fax or email any design info not provided on the web form. Upon receiving your request we will proceed with work up to one hour. If we estimate the work at more than one hour we will get your approval before starting.


Although design and engineering assistance will be provided with reasonable care you assume full responsibility for checking and adjusting all aspects of designs and engineering/manufacturing advice we provide, including but not limited to correctness, dimensions, safety, settings, selections, applicability, etc. When ordering parts based on a design that we have developed or based on our advice, you agree to accept parts manufactured in accordance with the design and accept other responsibilities under the same conditions as if you made the design. Under no circumstance will eMachineShop remake or refund part(s) that conform to a CAD drawing whether or not parts meet the intended application. It is recommended to order one or a few parts to test a new design before a final quantity is ordered.

Download CAD Software

Video Tutorial

"First off I was completely satisfied with the quality of the parts I recieved. I was more impressed by the business model of this company. I work for a large manufacturer of heavy machinery. I was telling my co-workers (other engineers) about my experience with this company and they were shocked. One of them has direct experience trying to get ..."
- William Mische
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