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eMachineShop serves clients around the world in virtually every industry imaginable. Having processed thousands of manufacturing orders we're ready to help make your project or product a success.

What makes us unique is our approach of integrating our experience and knowledge into our easy-yet-powerful CAD software.  Our software gives you the ability to design 2D and 3D parts quickly and easily by providing instant manufacturability feedback. The CAD software guides you through selection of all aspects from material selection to the surface finish that's right for your part or product. 

After creating your design, you can then use the built-in "Auto-Analysis" function to check for potential errors. When you are satisfied with your design you can get an instant price quote and decide on the quantity of parts you need. You'll submit your final design for production right from your PC! 

Download our software today and find out why customers from so many industries have made eMachineShop their source for fast, cost-effective custom parts.

eMachineShop has served government agencies, individuals, small companies, large companies, universities, schools, product designers, mechanics, inventors, labs, scientists, other Machine Shops and more. 

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"A friend of mine said that he has tried various CAD programs over the years and none has been sufficiently easy for him the master with the exception of the software from He swears by it, and says that for the first time he finds himself going directly to the drawing software rather than pencil and paper."
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