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CNC Laser Cutting Machine In Action
CNC Laser Cutting of Aluminum

LASER stands for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation. In laser cutting, sheets of materials are cut by using a beam of high intensity light, so high that it vaporizes the material at the cutting line. The laser beam is moved optically keeping the sheet fixed or the laser beam is fixed and the sheet is moved. Laser cutting mainly uses the carbon dioxide laser and Nd: YAG laser. The process has grown in popularity owing to its accuracy and high speed.

CNC laser cutting combines computer control with the laser system for even greater accuracy. CNC Laser cutting is used in virtually every industry, with the primary advantages being the speed and reducing the cost of custom fabricated parts. CNC Laser cutting can produce almost any 2D shape including shaped cutouts. CNC laser cutting can be applied to several types of materials to produce parts such as custom enclosures, cams, brackets, sculptures, holders, mechanisms, etc.

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- John L.
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