eMachineShop is looking for strategic partners who can benefit from virtualizing parts. Here are some examples:

  • A manufacturer that previously stocked short runs of electronic cabinets can now supply their customers with an eMachineShop CAD file that can be customized with special cutouts, colors, logos or odd sizes. The customer then orders the customized cabinet from eMachineShop. The manufacturer no longer has to stock parts or spend time planning and purchasing parts.
  • A factory automation consulting firm that previously designed, assembled and purchased custom manufacturing machinery no longer has to be involved in the long process of acquiring physical parts and instead provides CAD files direct to the client. The client can make modifications and conveniently orders parts as needed.
  • A distributor of stock hardware often gets orders for custom parts and fulfills those orders as a courtesy to their customers. Instead they can point customers to eMachineShop and save the time of dealing with custom orders.
  • A publisher of kit airplanes no longer wants to be involved in purchasing kit parts. Instead they can supply the CAD file and let eMachineShop do the fulfillment.

Transitioning from hard hardware to "soft" hardware can radically improve your business model.

To discuss how eMachineShop can improve your business model, please contact us.

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