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Want a full service machine shop that you control from the comfort of your desk?

You've got it. From start to finish, you are in control of the process right from your PC. We provide a unique process which streamlines designing, analyzing, pricing and ordering your custom parts. This is accomplished through our unique CAD software and our web site. We will machine your parts and ship them to you with the least time and effort on your part. You simply draw your part and specify the material and surface finish.  In addition to the automatic machining expert built into our CAD software, we have also created sections of our site that provide the information you need to make almost anything.

Experienced engineer or first time novice?

If you are an experienced engineer who knows exactly what you want, then you can dive right into designing and specing your project.  If you are a first time novice in the process of developing a product or invention, you can rest assured we made our CAD software easy to learn. Either way, we have the resources to help you bring your project from concept to reality quickly, accurately and at the lowest possible cost. Browse this section for details about our capabilities.

Download CAD Software

Video Tutorial

"Quite easy to use. Within only about 10 minutes I had it downloaded, installed, and had designed and priced a brass cog with 32 teeth, 1 inch in diameter and 1/4 inch thick. The quote was immediate."
- Newsgroup User
PCB CAD program

Design printed circuit boards online at our PCB division -

Design services
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