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If you can’t get a price because you can’t get past the analyzer, please try these solutions: 

Can’t resolve analyzer errors

  1. Make a backup copy of your design.
  2. Delete each line – one at a time – not all together – starting with the bottom and side views.
  3. Repeat for each view.
  4. Use Edit | Undo to add one line back to the drawing.
  5. See if the design passes the Analyzer.
  6. If it passes, continue Undoing the deletions. If you find a line creating trouble change it to Comments To Machinist.
  7. Repeat the process to find the most features that the software will allow.
  8. Create the problematic features using the Comments To Machinist feature.

Analyzer takes too long or seems to freeze

If you have a design with a large number of repeated features, the toolpath generator might take too much time to complete. To circumvent this problem, for example, for a matrix of 200 holes or a gear with many teeth, change all features except one to Comments To Machinist and add a message such as “Machine all CTM features per the non-CTM feature.”

If you imported a DXF design try using the Simplify Command

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