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Like having an experienced machinist sitting next to you, the Analyzer is a software expert system that gives you instant manufacturing advice, warnings and errors. You should run the analyzer periodically during your design process and before ordering. 

To run the analyzer:
  1. Select Job | Price/Analyze.
  2. Select a price/time option and click OK. Note that changing your price/time selection may change the analyzer results.
  3. Review the warnings and errors in the right sidebar.
  4. Some errors and warnings can be clicked on so that the corresponding portion of your design will be highlighted.
  5. Resolve all errors and as many warnings as you can. The more warnings you resolve, the more likely your job will be accepted, run smoothly and ship on-time. 
  6. If you can’t resolve some warnings you can still place your order. 

If you can’t resolve analyzer errors click here.

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