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AutoCAD Comparison

The popular AutoCAD software has more features than the eMachineShop CAD, yet the eMachineShop CAD has several important advantages over AutoCAD. The eMachineShop CAD:

  • Has a compact user interface where you learn a simple set of commands and combine them to do whatever you need
  • Is free and has free upgrades
  • Is much easier to learn
  • Has a more modern look and feel
  • Takes less space and computer resources
  • Provides expert machining feedback – like a machinist sitting next to you
  • Gives instant pricing of custom parts
  • Allows to order parts online
  • Allows to design only shapes that are practical for manufacturing
  • Includes sheet metal bend modeling and wizards
If you are looking for a powerful CAD package that is easy to learn and free, eMachineShop’s CAD is ready for instant download.
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