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Avoid ambiguity

Writing clear comments can be a challenge. Often comments are clear to the writer (you) but not to the reader (the machinist).


You want to create clear and unambiguous comments to be sure to get the part you need and avoid paying for a second order. So how can you tell if you wrote clearly?

To improve clarity of comments:

  1. Try to write clearly and follow the commenting tips.
  2. Get a friend, relative, co-worker or even a random person to read your comments and look at the 3D view.
  3. Ask the person to explain in their own words in detail their interpretation of what you wrote.
  4. Ask any specific test questions you can think of (e.g. “According to your understanding would you tap the .25 diameter holes?”).
  5. If their understanding is as you intended you are likely in good shape.
  6. If their understanding is confused or not as you intended DO NOT EXPLAIN WHAT YOU INTEND AND DO NOT DEFEND YOUR WRITING. Instead rewrite your comments and go back to step 1. 
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