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Bend Specifications

The following specs apply to bends:

Linear bend position – limits variation of the position of the center of a bend – that is where the male punch contacts the flat sheet – only for bends directly adjacent to an edge.

Angle tolerance – limits variation of angle after the part is bent.

Radius of bend tool – actual radius of the male punch tool. The inside radius on the bent part will usually be a little larger – how much depends on the thickness, material, etc.

Die width – this does not influence the radius or angle of the bend – generally use the smallest value that does not give an error.

Minimize bend marks – reduces visibility of marks caused by the bending process.

Generally you should use the Model Bends command to estimate the results of a bend.

IMPORTANT: Note that dimensions between features on parts after bending can vary substantially due to an accumulation of tolerances, especially on complex bends. You must use Comments To Machinist to specify any needed tolerances such as the distance between two legs, the distance between holes after a bend, etc. 

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