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You can check the price of your part at any time. For example you might want to check the price before and after adding a new design element.

To view pricing:
  1. Choose Job | Price / Analyze. If there are no errors in your design, the price dialog will display a list of several price/time options. 
  2. You might also see some greyed suggestions for how to change your specifications to reduce cost or time. Low and high HD numbers indicate respectively a small and large change from your original specifications.
  3. Enter the desired quantity.
  4. Select the price/time combination you prefer.

Prices for Comments To Machinist

To learn how pricing is done for Comments To Machinist see in the CAD Line | Machine | Comments to Machinist

Price for a particular aspect of a design

You can determine the cost of a particular feature. For example, you might want to know the extra cost to round the edges of your part.

To determine the cost of one feature of a design:

  1. Make note of the current price computed by the CAD.
  2. Remove the feature.
  3. Choose Job | Price Analyze.
  4. Subtract the listed price from the prior noted price to determine the cost of the feature. 

Price changes

You will see that prices quoted by the software vary over time. There are several reasons for this:

  • The complex software quotation mechanism is continually being modified to reflect real costs more accurately.
  • Minor changes you make in your design or any of the many settings and options will effect price.
  • Costs of material, labor, shipping, etc. vary over time.
  • New machines are frequently added which can influence cost. 

See price reduction tips.

Automatic pricing

The automated pricing is valid the vast majority of the time, however there are situations where you will be notified of a price change and your approval requested. For example parts with low structural integrity; difficult workholding; unusual thread specs and high geometric complexity.

Price file download

The price file is internal information used to calculate the price of your job, typically changed every few days and downloaded automatically. You can also download the price file manually.

To download the price file manually:

  1. Choose Edit | Preferences | Pricing | Update Now
  2. If the above does not work (due to a firewall etc) see here.

Optimizing design

Because the eMachineShop CAD is intimately tied to manufacturing processes, the way you design your part can effect the price – especially for 3D parts. To optimize your design for the lowest price you can try multiple designs and use the one with the lowest price. For more detailed tips see Reducing Cost and Time.

Pricing Accuracy

The automatic pricing system is not perfect. If you feel that a price generated by the system is wrong, request a manual quotation as follows. Add a comment such as "For quotation only – do not proceed without my approval." and then place your order as usual. Your submission will not be processed as an order unless we receive your approval. You can select the pay-by-check option with check #0000 instead of providing credit card information.

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