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Commenting Special Geometries

The eMachineShop CAD is able to model an infinite variety of complex shapes — but not all possible shapes. The CAD was designed to allow modeling of shapes that can be machined by relatively economical processes. Shapes can include complex curves but not those involving cutter movement in 3 axis simultaneously. For example, eMachineShop CAD cannot model or machine a person’s face, a tree and most living things.

Some shapes can be ordered and machined but must be described using the Comments To Machinist feature. This page provides some examples. For example, you would need to use Comments To Machinist for: 

  • Countersinking for 2D parts (for 3D parts see Designing 3D parts)
  • Chamfered or rounded edges and grooves applied to only part of a contour
  • Internal Key-ways that require broaching
  • Holes and other features that must be machined from angles not orthogonal to one of the six views.
  • Edge shapes other than chamfer or round.
  • Etc.

    For example, see the red lines below:


    To show holes and other features at angles other than the six normal views, model the hole using normal CAD lines if possible and add comment text and lines in side views to clarify the desired angle and position. If needed cross reference as in "See A in Left view".

    Use CAD features to accomplish shapes whenever possible before using Comments to Machinist.