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Commenting Tips

Below are some tips to help you use Comments To Machinist correctly. 

Use arrows

Next to your text it is often helpful to draw an arrow to point to what the text refers to (unless it is self evident). 

Cross reference

In some cases you may need to clarify a comment by referring to another comment in another view (e.g. "See A in Top view").

Be specific

"Leave some parts not bent" is unspecific. "Don’t bend 10 parts" is specific. 

Tolerance numerically

"Exactly 1.000" has no tolerance. Use "1.000 +/- .005" or whatever the desired tolerance range is.

Use lines instead of words

Instead of "Second hole must be one inch from edge", use ext with an arrow pointing to the item. 

Be concise

Extra words: "As mentioned in my email don’t bend 10 parts." Concise: "Don’t bend 10 parts."

Avoid external references 

Avoid references to stock components such as "Make .005 larger than McMaster bolt # 123456." Instead, review the drawing of the bolt and design your part with appropriate clearance and tolerance.