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When designing and ordering custom manufactured parts you must exercise great care to specify exactly what you want. We want you to be happy with your parts! 

Specify everything that is important

The eMachineShop CAD software helps you specify many common aspects of designs but you must add any additional requirements you might need. Manufacturing and mind-reading don’t mix. For example: among the endless possibilities, here are a few of the more common factors that you might need to specify:

  • Local dimensional positions – for example you might need to specify that the center to center distance between two holes is 1.000″ +/- .003. 
  • Local dimensional sizes – for example you might need to specify the diameter of a hole is 1.25″ +/- .002. 
  • Other GD&T factors such as Angularity, Perpendicularity, Cylindricity, Runout, Parallelism, Straightness, Concentricity, Circularity, etc.
  • A particular color
  • A specific texture or appearance of the surface finish
  • Dimensional tolerances of parts after bending is applied – for example the distance (with tolerance) between legs of a U shape bend.

Of course you must also pay attention to all the settings presented in the CAD software and all warning messages.

Make sure you specify every important detail about your job! eMachineShop cannot accept rejections based on specifications you never communicated.