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Complex 3D curves are curves that require machining motions on all three directions simultaneously. For example the top of a computer mouse is a complex 3D curve. You can create complex 3D curves in the eMachineShop CAD only by approximating shapes using a stair-case approach as in a topographic map as in the example below:

mouse-drawing.gif (4299 bytes)mouse-3D.gif (3062 bytes)

To create a complex 3D shape:

  1. Use the Line | Contour command and manual adjustments such as by nudging to create the contour lines.
  2. Set the Z value for each line.
  3. Consider using Comments to Machinist "Hand sand to remove steps" or "Contour mill to remove steps"

Also see the Revolve capability which allows for complex "turned" curved shapes. 

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