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The eMachineShop CAD software uses implicit dimensioning which means that you don’t have to spend the time creating conventional dimensioning lines. However, numerical positions, diameters and similar information is visible in the numeric bar (located under the toolbar) upon clicking on a line.

Nevertheless, if desired or needed, you can specify or annotate dimensions directly on your drawing.

To add explicit dimensions to your drawing:

  1. Draw a straight line.
  2. Choose Line | Machine.
  3. Choose Comments to Machinist (or) Comments To Myself | Dimension. Or for tolerances choose Tolerance from the left pane.
  4. Click OK.
  5. If the dimension line overlaps a line on your original design, nudge the line a bit away from the original line.

To add other types of explicit dimensions such as angles use Comments To Machinist.

Also see Tolerances and GD&T.

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