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Dovetails are a common method of making two parts fit together that must slide linearly. 

To make a dovetail:

  1. Draw a rectangle.
  2. Set Z to 1.
  3. Draw a smaller rectangle inside the first so that the left and right ends meet the ends of the outer rectangle.
  4. Set Z to -0.5.
  5. Choose Line | Machine | Side wall | 45.
  6. Choose View | 3D to verify the female part.
  7. Choose File | Save | DovetailFemale.
  8. Choose File | SaveAs | DovetailMale.
  9. For the inner rectangle set Z to 0.5.
  10. Choose View | 3D to verify the male part.
  11. Choose View | Right … add Comments To Machinist to flatten the sharp edge by ~.05" and, if desired, to not machine the short ends of the dovetail.
  12. Adjust the designs so that clearance between the two parts is more than the tolerance you select for the job.
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