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Example Design

The following example of a calculator-style enclosure illustrates some of the finer points of designing mating sheet metal parts.

The objective is to design a calculator-style enclosure of two parts that appear as shown below.

case_3d.gif (8220 bytes)

1. Draw top and bottom parts of the enclosure.

case_2d.gif (2363 bytes)

2. Choose Job | Model Bends.

case_model.gif (2765 bytes)

3. Rotate and slide on screen to test fit.

case_fit1.gif (458 bytes)

case_fit2.gif (1503 bytes)

4. Notice that neither drawing fits properly. Calculate the error by measuring with a temporary line.

5. Revise the design and try again. Delete the original bend model and choose Job | Model Bends again and test fit again.

case_rev_fit1.gif (498 bytes)

The above fits properly.

case_rev_fit2.gif (1290 bytes)

The above fits with desired overhang.

6. Check alignment of screw holes by drawing temporary guide lines as shown below. Then rotate and/or move the guide lines to the opposing piece.

case_rev_fit3.gif (3323 bytes)

7. Check the fit of the flat view of the bottom to the side view of the top.

case_rev_fit5.gif (1420 bytes)

8. Zoom in to check corners.

case_rev_fit_6.gif (538 bytes)