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Fabrication Machines

Fabrication machines make the basic shape of your custom part – cutting the necessary holes, slots, and other shapes. You must specify a selection for each line in your drawing.

To assign a machine to a line in your drawing:
  1. Select the line.
  2. Choose Line | Machine. A dialog box appears.
  3. Select a machine:
    Auto – use this for most cases – it automatically chooses the optimal machine(s) to make your part.
    Bend – use to bend sheet metal.
    Thread & Tap – use to tap holes or thread shafts.
    Comments to Self – use to make comment lines and text not seen by the machinist.
    Comments to Machinist – use to make comments lines and text seen by the machinist.
  4. Specify any settings if needed.
  5. Click OK.

If you have an unusual reason to specify that a particular machine (for example, a milling machine) be used, use Comments To Machinist but it is recommended to specify only the shape and specifications for your part, not how to make it.

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