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Finishing Machines

Finishing machines treat the surface of your custom part. For example you may want to nickel plate a part to protect it from oxidizing or mechanically brush the surface of the part to create a textured look.

Review specific finishes here.

To specify finishing:
  1. Choose Job | Finishing.
  2. Choose the desired finish and check Selected . A checkmark appears.
  3. Enter any additional settings using the controls that may appear below the grid.
  4. Repeat steps 2-3 as needed.
  5. Click OK.

See how to compensate for finish thickness.

Decorative Parts

For parts that need a decorative finish:

  • For fine mechanical finishes, choose a low surface roughness in Job | Settings | Specs.

  • Specify special requirements not covered in the system using Comments to Machinist.

  • See tips on decorative finishing.

The data presented in the Finishing dialog was collected from several sources. Although the sources are believed to be reliable, the accuracy of the data is not guaranteed. The data is intended as a general guide. If one or more parameters are critical to your design you should verify the data independently. Please contact us with corrections.

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