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Checking fit of an assembly

You can check if your parts will fit together. For example, you might want to check if a design for a lid will fit on an enclosure you designed.

Here is one method of checking fit:

  1. Copy one part onto another:
    1. Copy the lines of one part.
    2. Paste onto a drawing of another part.
    3. Change the copied lines to Comments To Myself.
    4. Slide and/or rotate the comment lines into position to check fit.
  2. For parts that rotate together use the rotate feature along with the above method to see how parts fit during rotation.
  3. Consider tolerance. For example if Job | Settings shows a tolerance of .005″ and a six inch diameter cylinder must fit a hole you must consider that the cylinder could be as large as 6.005 so the hole must be drawn at at least 6.010 since such a hole could be as small as 6.005.
  4. Use tolerance stack analysis.
See also the example design in the bending section.

Watch the video below …
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