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Five Side Boxes

For enclosures where you want sides to meet with minimal gap (such as for welding), example A will have an unwanted gap between the flanges after bending. Example B will make edges meet symmetrically at their edge corners with minimal gap.

A Weld_corner1.jpg (1212 bytes)                     B weld_corner2.jpg (1327 bytes)

To modify drawing A to B:

  1. Ungroup the lines.
  2. Extend the bend lines to meet.
  3. Draw a circle at the bend intersection of diameter approx. material thickness.
  4. Move the flange edge lines inline with the center of the circle.
  5. Select all lines.
  6. Intersect
  7. Delete the appropriate segments. 
  8. Look closely at the 3D view and adjust accordingly or, for more precision:
  9. Use Job | Model Bends.
  10. Adjust so that each flange fits the inside edges of the bend model.
You can arrange edges to meet so that the edge of one flange if flush against the surface of the other flange:
  1. Adjust the flange lengths so that the inside of the bend model of the horizontal flange equals the length of the vertical flange and:
  2. The outside of the bend model of the vertical flange equals the length of the horizontal flange.
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