Cant create demo 3D "Revolve (Tapered Tube)" project

Creating 3D shapes.
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Cant create demo 3D "Revolve (Tapered Tube)" project

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I can't create the 3D revolve project as described in the video, "Revolve (Tapered Tube)". I create the rod, then the circle, erase the lines as indicted in the video, the push the pyramid button, and the following error message pops up:

ERROR: The indicated line is not part of a closed shape. Every line you draw must be part of a closed shape with no open ends or gaps.
Please remove the line or extend lines to close the shape. Or click Restructure to automatically create a closed shape.
If the problem is not visible select one of the lines and temporarily nudge it using the arrow buttons.

The line segment of the rod (but not circle) that I just erased magically reappears..

Any ideas? Thanks!

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Re: Cant create demo 3D "Revolve (Tapered Tube)" project

Post by tech4 » Tue Sep 05, 2017 4:37 pm

It sounds like one of your lines is not closed. You will need to zoom in very close to see this.
The link below goes into great detail regarding closed shapes. ... ge520.html
You can also email the drawing to to be reviewed

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