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The grid is a matrix of evenly spaced points to which you can align elements of your drawing. You can specify the size and spacing of the grid. For example, you might want to specify 4 grid points per inch when placing several holes 1/4″ apart.

NOTE: Generally it is recommended to use the nudge feature instead of the grid since nudging has a similar effect and nudging does not lock you into a grid.

To specify grid settings:
  1. Choose Edit | Preferences | Grid.
  2. Make the desired selections in the Grids are specified by group box. The distance between grid points can be specified in two ways: by the space between grid points or by the number of grid points per inch or millimeter.
  3. To display the grid check Show grid in the workspace. To hide the grid uncheck Show grid in the workspace (hiding the grid will NOT turn off the Snap to Grid feature).
  4. Click OK.
  5. The grid in the workspace will be shown only if the Snap To Grid button is pressed in on the left toolbar

Use large grid spacing when working with large or imprecise parts. Use small spacing when working with small or precise parts.

To specify the size of the grid enter the desired settings is the Grid Size group box.