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Grooves are recesses cut into an inside or outside wall:

To specify a groove on wall:

  1. Select a line in the design.
  2. Choose Line | Machine.
  3. Check Grooves.
  4. Click the Parameters button. 
  5. Specify the desired dimensions and click Add for each needed groove. You can edit existing grooves by clicking the Replace button. You can remove a groove by selecting it in the list and clicking Remove. You can remove all grooves by unchecking Grooves in the main dialog. 

For non-rectangular grooves use Comments To Machinist or, for turned parts use the Revolve feature.

To make a groove on a flat surface:

  1. Draw the outer line. 
  2. Set Z to negative the depth of the groove.
  3. Draw the inner line.
  4. Set Z to positive the depth of the groove.