Order Troubleshooting

If direct ordering does not work check if you can send email in your email client – if not, correct that first. A firewall might prevent direct ordering. Try Edit | Preferences | Ordering | Advanced, Import Settings. If any values are imported try direct ordering again.

If even the indirect method cannot be completed email the design file: 
  1. Using any email program, email the .ems file as an attachment to ordserv@emachineshop.com with subject “ems Order” (without the quotes).
  2. eMachineShop will contact you for payment information to complete your order.

Can’t resolve analyzer messages?

Click here

Analyzer Errors

If you can’t get a price because you can’t get past the analyzer, please try these solutions: 

Can’t resolve analyzer errors

  1. Make a backup copy of your design.
  2. Delete each line – one at a time – not all together – starting with the bottom and side views.
  3. Repeat for each view.
  4. Use Edit | Undo to add one line back to the drawing.
  5. See if the design passes the Analyzer.
  6. If it passes, continue Undoing the deletions. If you find a line creating trouble change it to Comments To Machinist.
  7. Repeat the process to find the most features that the software will allow.
  8. Create the problematic features using the Comments To Machinist feature.

Analyzer takes too long or seems to freeze

If you have a design with a large number of repeated features, the toolpath generator might take too much time to complete. To circumvent this problem, for example, for a matrix of 200 holes or a gear with many teeth, change all features except one to Comments To Machinist and add a message such as “Machine all CTM features per the non-CTM feature.”

If you imported a DXF design try using the Simplify Command

Price File

The eMachineShop software needs a current price file to price your parts. Normally update of the file is handled automatically.

Program freezes before giving price …

  • Although most designs running on computers under three years old should take less than a couple of minutes to analyze and price, some designs can take substantially longer – as much as 20 to 30 minutes or more. If your computer appears to be frozen give it more time. If you have a design with a large number of repeating features, such as a 10 x 10 matrix of 100 holes, consider changing most of the elements to Comments To Machinist to allow the pricing system to complete faster. You can then revert those elements before placing the final order, or leave them as Comments To Machinist with a note such as “Machine these lines per the sample”. You can also estimate the price by checking the change in price when you revert one of the elements. Even if you don’t have a complex part or repeated pattern you can often make a design pass the pricing mechanism by progressively changing lines to Comments To Machinist. 
  • If you are unable to price even after commenting lines, please send your design to eMachineShop via CAD menu Help | Troubleshooting, for analysis. 

If the Job | Price command does not lead to a price …

  • It might be because an error is blocking the process. 
  • For example, if you did not specify a material a price cannot be computed. 
  • To resolve such issues, please resolve relevant error messages. 
  • Also see the solution on the prior page about freezing during pricing 

For error “Unable to connect to server to update price file …”:

  • Check if you can open web sites in your internet browser – if not you need to correct that first.
  • If Internet Explorer | Internet Options | Connection | LAN settings | Proxy is not empty, a proxy server could be interfering – check with your system admin.
  • In eMachineShop CAD choose Edit | Preferences | Pricing | HTTP Proxy Server | Import Settings. If any values are imported try Edit | Preferences | Pricing | Update Now. 

If you can’t get the price file to download automatically, download the price file manually, shortly before placing each order:

  1. Refresh your browser.
  2. RIGHT click here, choose “Save Target As” or “Save Link As”. In File Name type “%APPDATA%” (without the quotes) and press Enter. Double click on the “emachineshop” folder (create such a folder if needed). Click “Save” in the “Save As” dialog.
  3. If your browser changes the file name to anything other than ems.dat, rename to ems.dat.
  4. Close and reopen eMachineShop CAD to enable the updated price file.
  5. If the above does not help, request a copy of the price file via email or consider using another computer.

If you get “Price file is in correct” or “Price file is up to date” during menu Job | Material or Job | Price:

  1. Delete c:\program files\emachineshopems.dat and %APPDATA%emachineshopems.dat
  2. Restart the eMachineShop software.
  3. The latest pricing file should download automatically – if not see above.

If you are still having trouble downloading the “price” file, contact support and have the following:

  • Your version of Windows
  • Type of internet connection
  • What rights you have under Windows
  • and the results of the above tests.

Install CAD

Trouble downloading CAD software

  • Right click and choose Save Target As. (This can help if you get a message that your browser doesn’t have a plug-in.)
  • Download at a different time of day.
  • Compare size of downloaded file against size shown on download page.
  • If downloading on a slow connection shared by several users considering running the download over night or when other users are offline.
  • Discuss the problem with your system administrator or Internet service provider.
  • Use a computer of a co-worker or friend or one at a cybercafe.
  • Have a friend download, copy to a CD, and mail to you.
  • Note: If you connect to the Internet using a proxy server these settings will be automatically used by the download utility.

Download occurring instantly

  • Choose View | Refresh and try again.
  • Choose Tools | Internet Options | Delete Files and try again.
  • Wait a day for your service provider to update its cache and try again.
  • Ask your network administrator or service provider how to bypass the cache and get the actual file that is on our web site.

Trouble installing CAD software

For problems installing, please try these options:

  • Download again.
  • Install on another computer to insure that there are no problems on your primary computer.
  • Download here instead of using the download utility application that is launched by the CAD – especially if you get an error about a missing DLL.

If the above does not help, please contact us.

Trouble with the Price file

Click here.

Installing on a Mac

Customers have installed eMachineShop on a Mac by using:

WINE , VirtualBox VM from Oracle, VMWave Fusion, Bootcamp, and Parallel desktop.

And on Linux via:

Running the latest version of the Mandriva Linux operating system and running eMachineShop under the WINE emulator, provided the machine has the power and graphics support.


To uninstall the eMachineShop software:

  1. Choose Start | Settings | Control Panel | Add/Remove Programs.
  2. In the list of installed programs, select “eMachineShop” and click Remove or Uninstall.

Printing Issues

Common remedies for printing issues:

  1. Close and reopen the application.
  2. Restart Windows.
  3. Print from another application to determine if the problem is at the printer.
  4. Check all the settings in the Print Design dialog and the dialog reached from the Print Setup button in the Print Design dialog.

For trouble printing the 3D preview:

  1. Choose Help | Self test | Next | Error | Activate software.
  2. Switch to unaccelerated rendering mode.

Other Problems

Application does not open 

  1. Rename the last used .ems data file to hide the file from opening on startup.
  2. In the CAD application try menu Help | Video Troubleshooting to check for video driver compatibility.
  3. Even if the above test passes try indicating that the test failed and follow the instructions.
  4. Use Help | Troubleshooting and indicate to send in your design and explain the problem.

Program crashes or freezes or is slow

  1. In the CAD application try menu Help | Video Troubleshooting to see if there is a video compatibility issue.
  2. Even if the above test passes try indicating that the test failed and follow the instructions.
  3. Use Help | Troubleshooting and indicate to send in your design and explain the problem.
  4. Try converting some of your lines to Comments To Machinist to isolate where the problem is. This also allows you to place an order if needed.

Video problems … screen painting … hard to see lines … lines disappear … extra lines appear … 3D view problems … freezes?

In the CAD application try menu Help | Video Troubleshooting to see if there is a video compatibility issue.
Even if the above test passes try indicating that the test failed and follow the instructions.
Update your video driver: 
  1. Start | Control Panel | System or System and Security
  2. Device Manager | Display Adapters
  3. Right click on adapter | Properties | Driver tab
  4. Update driver
Use Help | Troubleshooting and indicate to send in your design and explain the problem.

Using workspace is too slow

Try turning off snap-to-lines except when really needed.
Also see the other solutions above about slowness.

Main window is transparent

Uncheck Edit | Preferences | General | Tracing Paper.

3D Preview Errors

Check Edit | Preferences | Performance | Use Software Acceleration 

Tech Support

Contact tech support with any questions not answered by the site.