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Hole Types

hole_types_3d hole_types

Note: The Z value for the square block is 0.5 in these examples.

To create a thru hole:

  1. Draw a circle.
  2. Set Z to Air Inside.

To create a countersink:

  1. Draw a circle.
  2. Set Z to Air Inside.
  3. Choose Line | Machine | Auto | Chamfer and select the desired settings.
  4. For the angle use 90 minus head angle / 2. For example, for an 82 degree head use (90 – 82/2 = 49).
  5. Adjust the chamfer size so the side view fits a drawing of the flat head screw which you can make using Comments To Myself. (Using a chamfer size of (head diameter – screw diameter) / 2 does not account for recessing the head or any rounding at the edge of the head.)

To create a counterbore:

  • For the outer circle set Z to minus the bore depth.

To create a blind hole:

  • Set Z to a negative value less than the overall part depth.