Bring Your Ideas to Life – eMachineShop CAD, Shapeways Edition

We’ve partnered with Shapeways to show makers how to design shapes using the eMachineShop Free CAD software.

Download eMachineShop CAD, Shapeways Edition

Designing your own shapes for 3D printing opens up endless possibilities for…

  • Inventions
  • Replacement parts
  • Custom designed gadgets
  • New products
  • Improvements to existing products
  • and much more


There are quite a few 3D CAD design software applications on the market but most are expensive and difficult to learn.  The eMachineShop CAD is … 

  • FREE
  • easy to learn
  • easy to use
  • allows you to create precision designs
  • allows you to order machined or 3D printed parts directly from the software.
Design parts for cars, motorcycles, bikes, watercraft, skateboards, aircraft, toys, robots, musical instruments, optical devices, remote control vehicles, drones, electronic devices, clocks, machinery, engines, furniture, games, jewelry, jigs, lighting, medical devices, photography accessories, sporting equipment, tooling and more. 

*Though eMachineShop CAD can model rounded edges and complex shapes and curves, it is not designed for modeling complex multi-dimensional curves such as those found in biology (e.g. people, faces, animals, flowers and highly sculpted shapes).

To order designs created with the eMachineShop CAD, simply download the software and upload your design to Shapeways. 

If you have a design that is not practical for printing (very large plastic parts and medium to large metal parts) – just select a material, choose the Order command, review the instant pricing and click to order from eMachineShop.

To get started, download the Customized eMachineShop Software for Shapeways.

Download eMachineShop CAD, Shapeways Edition

 *Mac UsersUse Bootcamp or Parallel desktop. Then install Windows and eMachineShop CAD.

Watch the video below on how to design an angle bracket…