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Key Techniques

If you are working from an existing part, first make a sketch on paper with measurements. 

IMPORTANT: When drawing your part in the eMachineShop CAD program you will save a lot if time if you watch these brief videos and use these key 2D techniques:

  1. SNAP & NUDGE: Don’t try to position items with the mouse directly. First use the mouse to drag the item’s corner or center to snap to the endpoint or center of another line. Then use the arrow buttons to nudge the item into position. You can change the nudge amount on the numeric bar.
  2. NUMERIC BAR: Don’t try to size items with the mouse. Enter sizes on the numeric bar.
  3. ERASER: To create shapes other than rectangles and circles, create overlapping rectangles and circles and then user the Eraser tool to delete appropriate segments.
  4. REPEAT: Use the Repeat button instead of redrawing copies.
  5. USE THE HELP: Refer to these web help sections to save time when learning the software.

The video below shows how to create 3D shapes using the Z value:

  1. Z VALUE: Use the numeric bar Z value to specify how much material there will be in your part perpendicular to the screen. If you can’t create your shape by adding material via positive Z values, start with a shape representing more material than you need and remove material via negative Z values. 
  2. TOP VIEW: For most shapes first select View | Top and start drawing the shape of your part as if viewing your part from above with your part is lying down on a table. However start round shapes with a circle in the Top view.
  3. SAMPLE SHAPES: See how some of the Samples Shapes are drawn to learn how these techniques are combined.

Please note that the mentioned Air Outside feature has been removed – use Air Inside instead.

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