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Keyboard Shortcuts

This table shows special keyboard shortcuts that can increase your productivity.


Keyboard shortcut

Create new design Ctrl+N
Open existing design Ctrl+O
Save current design Ctrl+S
Print current design Ctrl+P
Undo the last action Ctrl+Z
Redo the last undo Ctrl+Shift+Z
Place selected line(s) to clipboard and clear the line(s)
from screen
Copy selected line(s) to the clipboard Ctrl+C
Paste the clipboard contents to the design Ctrl+v
Nudge selected line(s) up Up arrow
Nudge selected line(s) down Down arrow
Nudge selected line(s) left Left arrow
Nudge selected line(s) right Right arrow
Nudge rotate selected line(s) right R
Nudge rotate selected line(s) left L
Set preferences options F2
Show 3D preview of current design Ctrl+R
Zoom to fir screen =
Zoom to actual size 1
Zoom out
Zoom in +
Combine selected lines into one group Ctrl+G
Separate a group into its components lines Ctrl+U
Divide selected lines into segments at the points where
they cross
Corner C
Contour Ctrl+F6
Repeat – duplicate selected line(s) in workspace Ctrl+D
Transform – change position, size, shape of the line(s) Ctrl+T
Specify machine used to manufacture line F5
Select prior line in workspace Shift+Tab
Select next line in workspace Tab
Connect Shift+Click
Choose material for current design Ctrl+M
Specify manufacturing , packing, shipment options for current
Analyze and compute cost of current design F9
Show help contents F1
Choose next side view of design V
Choose prior side view of design Shift+V
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