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Learning to Draw

Mechanical drawing is not the same as artistic drawing – you can’t simply draw shapes by moving the mouse pointer as you would move a pencil. For example, to draw a rounded rectangle you can’t simply move the mouse in a rounded rectangle motion. Instead you:

  1. Draw a rectangle with the mouse.
  2. Enter the desired size numerically.
  3. Use the corner-rounding command. 

Making precise drawings is easy when you learn how to:

  • Use the mouse to create the approximate size and position of lines
  • Enter numeric values to specify sizes
  • Use assorted commands to combine and manipulate lines
  • Use the Intersect feature
  • Snap lines
  • Nudge lines

Common to other drawing programs you also need to know how to:

  • Select lines
  • Draw lines, circles, arcs, and rectangles
  • Group and ungroup lines
  • Resize and move lines
  • Rotate lines
  • Delete lines
  • Scroll the workspace
  • Zoom in and out