CAD Lessons

The eMachineShop lessons make it quick and easy to learn the eMachineShop CAD software, a simple but powerful tool that will open up a whole new spectrum of capabilities to bring your ideas, projects and products into reality.

You can be a CAD expert in no time! Check out our instructional videos below and learn to use our free software. Amateurs and professionals can easily design and order physical parts from digital plans quickly and cost effectively.

Welcome to eMachineShop’s CAD Lessons! In this video you will learn how to navigate to the CAD workspace and locate all tools needed to start designing your parts.

Components include:

  • How to reach eMachineShop Browser CAD
  • Where the top menu is and the functions included
  • Where the top toolbar is and the shortcuts included
  • Where the left toolbar is located and the drawing tools included
  • Where and what the numeric bar is, and how to use it