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Drawing Lines

To design parts with eMachineShop you draw straight lines, rectangles, circles, arcs, splines, and text. 

straight.gif (136 bytes) To draw a straight line: click this button; click in the workspace at the starting point; click again at the end point. To restrict the angle of the line to be exactly horizontal or vertical or a multiple of the Rotation Snap Angle , hold down the CTRL key while drawing.

To draw a rectangle: click this button; click in the workspace at one corner; click again at the other corner.

To draw a circle: click this button; click in the workspace at the center; click again at the desired radius.

To draw an arc: enable the arc button with Edit | Preferences | Customize | Arc button. Click the Arc button; click in the workspace at the center; click again at the clockwise end of the desired arc; click again at the counter-clockwise end of the arc. Instead of drawing an arc, it is often easier to draw a circle crossing other lines and then apply the Intersect command. (The Arc button is not enabled by default as it is generally more convenient to use Line | Corner | Round or to create a circle and use the Intersect feature.)

A spline is a curve that can be used to create a wide variety of shapes that cannot easily be made with arcs. For example, you might use a spline to create sections of the outer shape of a violin. To draw a spline: click this button; in the workspace click to specify the start point; move to the desired end point and click; then drag the two external handles to adjust the shape. 

node.gif (141 bytes) To edit individual point locations of a line, arc or spline, click this button and then drag the desired points.

To switch to the last used drawing tool, from the left toolbar press the SPACEBAR.

Drawing various types of lines in the eMachineShop CAD is quick and easy
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