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Machining Existing Parts

Existing parts are parts that you purchased off the shelf, taken out of a mechanism, etc. You can have eMachineShop perform additional machining on existing parts. For example, you might need to add some holes to an engine component. You can begin the process using the eMachineShop CAD or your own CAD application.

To proceed via eMachineShop CAD:

  1. Make an approximate model of the existing part in the eMachineShop CAD.
  2. Include the feature to be machined.
  3. Use Comments To Machinist to indicate which features are pre-existing; any special requirements; and add "For Quotation Only - Customer to supply parts via UPS".
  4. Click on a blank area of the drawing and then verify that the comment text color is red.
  5. Set Job | Settings | General | Quantity to the qty of parts to be supplied.
  6. Set Job | Material to the closest material to the parts to be supplied.
  7. Place your order (it will be treated as a quotation request only).
  8. If you approve the cost, ship your parts to eMachineShop marking the box with the job # from the order confirmation email.

To proceed via another CAD application: 

  1. Make an approximate model of the existing part in you CAD application or create a hand drawing.
  2. In the drawing include the feature to be machined.
  3. Use comments to indicate which feature need to be machined and any special requirements.
  4. Request a quotation and in the comments box indicate "This is for a modification of existing parts to be supplied."
  5. If you approve the cost place your order and ship your parts to eMachineShop at the address shown in the footer of this page, marking the box with the quotation #.
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