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Price File

The eMachineShop software needs a current price file to price your parts. Normally update of the file is handled automatically.

Program freezes before giving price ...

If the Job | Price command does not lead to a price ...

For error "Unable to connect to server to update price file ...":

If you can't get the price file to download automatically, download the price file manually, shortly before placing each order:

  1. Refresh your browser.
  2. RIGHT click here, choose "Save Target As" or "Save Link As". In File Name type "%APPDATA%" (without the quotes) and press Enter. Double click on the "emachineshop" folder (create such a folder if needed). Click "Save" in the "Save As" dialog.
  3. If your browser changes the file name to anything other than ems.dat, rename to ems.dat.
  4. Close and reopen eMachineShop CAD to enable the updated price file.
  5. If the above does not help, request a copy of the price file via email or consider using another computer.

If you get "Price file is in correct" or "Price file is up to date" during menu Job | Material or Job | Price:

  1. Delete c:\program files\emachineshop\ems.dat and %APPDATA%\emachineshop\ems.dat
  2. Restart the eMachineShop software.
  3. The latest pricing file should download automatically - if not see above.

If you are still having trouble downloading the "price" file, contact support and have the following:

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