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Machining limits

Machining limits are the constraints imposed by various manufacturing processes such as maximum size, compatible materials, etc. Often the limits depend on several factors. You can check whether your design is within limits or make test cases to determine limits. For example, you might want to know:

  • Can a part 36" long be machined?
  • Is acrylic compatible with machining?
  • Is aluminum compatible with nickel plating?
  • Can bends be spaced 0.1" apart?
  • How large a part can be cut?

To determine the machining limits relevant to your design:

  1. Draw your part or a much simplified version of it.  For example, simply drawing a rectangle can determine size limits for a 2D design and adding a simple recess pocket can determine size limits for a 3D design.
  2. Choose Job | Price/Analyze.
  3. Take note of any warnings or errors.

Note: Warnings shown in Job | Price | Tips do not indicate that your part cannot be manufactured. The incompatibilities listed are only for certain machines – you can proceed with your design.

Also see 3D Capabilities.

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