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Making shapes via Eraser

The Eraser button on the left toolbar is a key tool for making shapes beyond circles or rectangles. To draw almost any shape:

  1. Create overlapping rectangles, circles and/or straight lines as needed. 
  2. On the left toolbar push the Eraser button in.
  3. Click on the line segments you want to remove to leave the desired shape. 
Learn the Eraser tool, a
key tool for drawing almost any shape.

For example:

To create a "D" shape draw a vertical line through a circle and erase the superfluous segments.

d1.gif (1119 bytes)d2.gif (1009 bytes)

To draw a Popsicle stick shape draw a rectangle with two circles and erase the superfluous segments.

popsicle2.gif (790 bytes)popsicle1.gif (698 bytes)

To draw a simple cross draw two intersecting rectangles and erase the superfluous segments.

cross1.gif (1067 bytes)cross2.gif (1044 bytes)

To draw a flower shape draw a large circle and several small circles and erase the superfluous segments.

flower2.gif (1549 bytes)flower1.gif (1143 bytes)

To draw a heart draw two circles tangent to each other and the tangent straight lines and then erase the superfluous segments.

heart2.gif (1280 bytes)heart1.gif (1187 bytes)

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