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Material Color

You can specify the color of your parts in multiple ways. For example, you can select a powder coat finish for a metallic blue carburetor body.

To specify the color your your part: 

  • Select a material color in the Job | Material dialog. For example, it lists Acetal Black and Acetal White. If the color you want is listed, simply select the appropriate  row of the material table.
  • For more materials uncheck the “Show Only Recommended Materials” checkbox in the Materials dialog.
  • If you need another material you can check “Request Special Materials” and enter the particular color and type of material you need.
  • Choose Job | Finishing to select a colored finish. Powder Coat is one of the most economical finishes offering a wide variety of colors.
  • Of course, you can choose to have eMachineShop create your part and paint it upon receipt.