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Material Options

A certificate of material compliance is a paper document that confirms that the material you ordered conforms to the specifications of the material. You can request a certificate of material compliance. For example, you might want to request a certificate when significant problems might occur for you if the material does not conform to specs. The certificate adds an additional cost.

To request a certificate of material compliance:
  1. Choose Job | Material.
  2. Check Certificate of compliance.
  3. Click OK.

You can allow or disallow substitution of a different (but similar) material.  For example, you might choose to allow substitution for a non-critical bracket but you will likely want to choose to disallow substitution where safety is a concern.

To control material substitution permission: 

  1. Check Allow Substitution if you are flexible on the material selection. This can result in earlier delivery and minimize the chance of any delay.
  2. Uncheck Allow Substitution if you are not flexible on material.

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