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Material is what your custom part will be made out of. You can select select a material from a list of common materials or specify a special material. For example you might select aluminum for an electronic chassis to minimize weight.

To select a material from a list:
  1. Choose Job | Material. The material types shown depend on your design. For example, if your part is configured for injection molding, only plastics will be enabled.
  2. Check Show only recommended materials if you want to see the recommended materials. (Point your mouse to this option for more detail.)
  3. In the grid select the desired material by clicking on your selection. Use the columns of information* to help you decide on the best material for your job. Ignore columns not of concern to your requirements. If you don’t have any specific requirements, consider selecting the lowest cost (VRCost column) steel, aluminum or plastic. See Material Grid and Properties of materials.
  4. Choose the lower checkbox settings as needed.
  5. Click OK.

* The data presented in the material dialog was collected from several sources. Although the sources are believed to be reliable, the accuracy of the data is not guaranteed. The data is intended as a general guide. If one or more parameters are critical to your design you should verify the data independently. Please contact eMachineShop with any corrections.



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