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More 2D Shapes

To make a polygon with equal sides (e.g. equilateral triangle, pentagon, etc.):

  1. Draw a circle
  2. Select Line | Divide | enter 3 for a triangle, 5 for pentagon, etc.
  3. Draw straight lines between arc snap points.
  4. Delete the arcs.

To make a spiral:

  1. Draw a 1" circle.
  2. Click the Repeat button.
  3. Set the diameter to 1.1"
  4. Click the Repeat button.
  5. Set the diameter to 1.2"
  6. Continue as above up to the desired outer size.
  7. Move the 1.0" circle away from the others.
  8. Snap the North snap point of the 1.1" circle to the North snap point on the 1.0" circle.
  9. Snap the East snap point of the 1.2" circle to the East snap point on the 1.1" circle.
  10. Snap the South snap point of the 1.3" circle to the South snap point on the 1.2" circle.
  11. Snap the West snap point of the 1.4" circle to the West snap point on the 1.3" circle.
  12. Repeat in the above pattern for the remaining circles. Be careful – one mistake can create trouble below.
  13. Select all.
  14. Intersect.
  15. File | Save
  16. Delete the line segments that are not part of the spiral.
  17. File | Save.

 Note: This method is not technically a true mathematical spiral.

To make an arced (banana shape) slot with round ends:

  1. Draw two concentric circles.
  2. Draw two straight lines from center at different angles thru both circles.
  3. Select all 4 lines and click Intersect.
  4. Delete extraneous line segments.
  5. Select the 4 lines of the slot and click Group.
  6. Click the round corner button and enter half of the width of the slot.

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