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Moving & Nudging

You can move a line or group of lines to another position. For example you might need to move a hole in your part 1″ to the left

To move a line:
  1. To constrain the movement to vertical or horizontal, hold the CTRL key while moving.
  2. Drag the line or group of lines to the new position.


Nudging is moving a line a fixed distance each time you press an arrow key on the keyboard. You can nudge lines in your design and you can set the nudge distance. For example, you might want to nudge lines 1/10″ for each key press.

Nudging is very useful and can save substantial time.

To nudge a line or group of lines:
  1. Select the line or group of lines.
  2. Press an arrow key to move the line in the corresponding direction.

Holding down the Alt key while nudging will move a line 5 times the normal nudge distance.

line-moving.gif (1512 bytes)

To set the nudge distance:
  1. Enter the desired value in Nudge Step on the right of numeric bar.
  2. Press ENTER.
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