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Acrylic is a popular plastic available in opaque and optically transparent forms, used in numerous applications. Acrylic shapes include sheet, rod, cubes, balls, tubes, etc.

Acrylic has many valuable properties. It is more flexible and shock resistant than glass. It is abrasion resistant and resistant to UV and chemical damage. Acrylic can transmit or filter ultraviolet light and is easily cleaned. It is easily cut, corrosion resistant and a good insulator.

Acrylic parts are used in both functional and decorative applications.

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Tips for making Acrylic Parts

Avoid deep holes as drilling can become difficult.

Requesting polishing of edges works very well for a glass smooth finish.

Use shapes that will hold well during machining, like straight edges.

The applications of acrylic include: windows, aircraft canopies, automobile tail lights, hobby crafts, sunscreens, lighting fixtures, furniture, table tops, sign boards, decorating panels, windshields, camera lenses, aquariums, toys, incubators, appliances and security shields.

Free Materials Guide

eMachineShop’s Materials Guide contains valuable information that will help you determine which material is ideal for your design. See a side-by-side comparison of material types and read about factors including strength, conductivity, corrosion resistance, price and more.

CNC Services for Making Acrylic Parts

eMachineShop manufactures Acrylic parts using many different processes:

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Motor Sport – Car Enthusiast

R&D Parts

Motor Sport – Car Enthusiast

R&D Parts

Motor Sport – Car Enthusiast

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