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eMachineShop has manufactured over 3 million parts for hobbyists, small businesses, and large organizations.

From personal engineering projects to large scale industrial applications, our parts have been used across a wide variety of industries.

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One of the most popular manufacturing metals due to its machinability, low cost, and light weight. Used in vehicles, construction applications, and consumer goods.

Metal Boxes

Typically comprised of copper and zinc. This alloy has a gold appearance and is easy to machine. Commonly used to make components for appliances and musical instruments.

Auto Parts

Typically comprised of mostly copper and some tin. It’s ductile, corrosion resistant, and is commonly used to make bearings, springs, and award medals.

Spur Gears

Malleable, high corrosion resistance, and high electrical and thermal conductivity. Often used in wire, heat sinks and pipes.

Metal Spacers

Available in numerous alloys, many of which are strong, inexpensive, and easy to machine. Commonly used in railways, enclosures, and household appliances.

Front Panels

Known for its shiny appearance, high corrosion resistance, and self-protective properties. Often used to make cookware, automotive parts, and hand tools.


Has high yield strength and is resistant to deformation. Ideal for automotive springs and other suspension applications.

Motorcycle Parts

A hard metal with a high strength-to-weight ratio and corrosion resistance. Often used in engines, aerospace technology, and industrial equipment.


Highly resistant to impact, acids, and oils. Often injection molded into parts used in pipe systems, wheel covers, and protective equipment.


Also known as “Delrin”, this plastic has high impact resistance and good dimensional stability. Used to make bearings, gears, safety locks, and cutlery.

Flat Washers

Has high dimensional stability and weather resistance, and is transparent. Used to make exhibit enclosures, windows, and gears.


This reinforced plastic has one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of any material. Used in aerospace and aircraft components, sporting products, and military equipment.


This reinforced plastic is cheaper and more flexible than carbon fiber. Ideal for roofing, water tanks, and aircraft components.


High tensile strength and heat resistance. Commercial applications include bearings and bushings, wear plates, nuts and bolts, and gears.

Toy Parts

Biologically inert plastic, naturally transparent and highly resistant to impact. Typical applications include instrument panels, containers, and protective gear.


This thermoplastic has a high melting point, insulative properties, and impressive resistance to most solvents, oils, alcohol, acids, and alkalis. Used to make plastic bags and consumer goods.

Steel Shafts

Chemically inert, low-density, and highly flexible. Frequently used to make hinges, plating barrels, and transportation equipment.

Golf Putters

Non-toxic, insulative, and highly resistant to water, bacteria, and mildew. Used to make packaging, insulation, and lab equipment.

Shaft Supports

Also known as “Teflon”, this plastic remains stable in extreme temperatures and has a low coefficient of friction. Widely used in rotating and sliding mechanisms.


Available in many organic and synthetic forms. Typical applications include grips, gaskets, and seals.


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