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Non Conformance

If you received a shipment of parts from eMachineShop and believe the parts do not conform to your specifications, please provide the information below. After reviewing the submission we will advise you how to proceed.

First, please verify that your measurement is beyond the acceptable tolerance range per your selection in CAD menu Job | Settings | Specifications. Also see the checklist you confirmed before ordering – especially the links to: tolerances, completeness, variation and responsibility.


Please allow one hour for a confirmation email that the form was sent; 12 hours for confirmation that the form data was received; and 24 hours (excluding weekends) for the response.  

Order or Invoice #:

YOU MUST ENTER THE ORDER NUMBER OR REFERENCE NUMBER (see your order invoice or confirmation email or check Order Status).
For multiple orders, submit form once for each order.

File attachment (optional photo): We accept: JPG, PNG, PDF, TIFF, BMP, and ZIP
Non Conformance:
Example 1: Left view - 0.25 diam hole measures 0.258 on two parts.
Example 2: Bottom view - large pocket - Z value of -1.235 measures -1.222 on one part.
Example 3: Right view - chamfer on outer edge missing on all parts.
Example 4: Material used seems not what was specified.
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