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Using Numeric Values

Drawing mechanical parts is different from artistic sketching – drawings must be precise. To achieve this precision use the mouse to get the approximate size or shape and then enter values numerically on the numeric bar. For example, to draw a .500″ circle draw a small circle with the mouse and then enter .500 in the diameter edit box.

To change the position or size of lines numerically:

  1. Draw or select the line.
  2. To learn what each numeric value signifies on the numeric bar, point the mouse to the icon in the CAD application.
  3. On the numeric bar enter the desired numeric values. You can specify ” for inch (e.g. 1.23″) or mm (e.g. 1.23mm) for millimeter after a numeric value. You can also use / * + – operators to make appropriate arithmetic operations. For example you can enter 3/16 instead of .1875 or 1.25+.33 instead of 1.58.
  4. Press Enter to register each numeric value. The line will then change size or position.
Lines: panel-line.gif (1469 bytes)
Circles: panel-arc.gif (1317 bytes)
Arcs: panel-arc.gif (1208 bytes)
Splines: panel-spline.gif (1469 bytes)
Text: panel-text.gif (1454 bytes)

panel-rect.gif (876 bytes)


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