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Ordering Checklist

Before ordering, carefully check your job to help ensure that you are ordering what you think you are ordering and that your parts will meet your needs.
Once submitted to eMachineShop, changes to your order create delays and increase cost.

To check your job:
  1. Lines –  Press the TAB (and SHIFT+TAB) to step thru each line in your drawing, checking the position, the numeric bar settings and the information on the status bar. 
  2. Zoom in – Use a magnified view to review intricate areas of your design.
  3. 2D views – On the View menu review all applicable views. 
  4. 3D view – Check your part from all angles. 
  5. Bends – Use Job | Model Bends to analyze parts with bends.
  6. Comments – Review any Comments To Machinist text & lines.
  7. Job menu – Select each command on the Job menu and review all information.
  8. Completeness – Check for missing holes, cutouts, features, etc. 
  9. Specifications – Make sure you completely gave every important tolerance and specification.
  10. Responsibility – Understand your responsibility.
  11. Reorders – New orders will vary form prior orders – use tolerances to specify allowable ranges.
  12. Standard finish – Parts may be vibratory tumbled – specify otherwise if needed.
  13. Surface finish – Consider adding a finish, such as powder coat, to protect surfaces and improve appearance.
  14. Tolerance – Make sure your design has proper allowance for tolerance variation.
  15. Fit – Make sure your parts fit together properly.
  16. Analyzer – Carefully read and resolve as many advisories as possible. 
  17. Web pages – Review the CAD Help and any other web pages relevant to your part.
  18. Changes – If you change your design, repeat the above checks before ordering.

Allow in your spam filter to receive confirmations and in case of a question about your order.

New Customers: Please learn about delivery time estimates.

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