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Pre-shaped Stock

At eMachineShop, pre-shaped stock is material that comes in special forms other than sheets, plates, blocks or rods. For example, a round or square tube is considered a pre-shaped material. You might be able to reduce cost by specifying a pre-shaped material. For example, a shape that can be made by drilling holes in a hollow tube requires less machining time than starting with a block of material or rod. A part having a one inch square cross section may be more efficient to cut from one inch square bar stock. Note that specifying to use pre-shaped stock does not always reduce price.

To specify pre-shaped stock: 

  1. In the Top view draw the cross section shape.
  2. Choose Line | Machine | Auto | Stock Material Wall
  3. Set the Z value of the outer line to the length of the extrusion.
  4. Set the Z value of any inner lines to Air Inside
  5. Typically in one or more side views, draw any desired features such as holes, notches, slots, etc. 
  6. Add Comments To Machinist text (e.g. “Use stock shape equivalent to #123456). 
  7. If you want to approve the price or delivery time before your job is processed, add Comments To Machinist “For quotation only”. Your order will not be processed unless you direct eMachineShop to proceed. 
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