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Purchasing Agents

As a purchasing agent needing to order parts designed by someone else in your organization, you can proceed in one of two ways:

Place the order yourself (recommended)

By placing the order yourself you can: choose various price/time options; review job specs such as tolerances, material, finish, etc.; see a 3D preview of your part and check various information. To place an order yourself:

  1. Get the eMachineShop CAD file from the person who designed the part – the file will have a .ems extension.
  2. Download and run the eMachineShop CAD software.
  3. Choose File | Open and open the design file.
  4. Choose Order | Place Order and follow the instructions.

Have eMachineShop staff place your order

If you are not able to place the order yourself as described above, eMachineShop can place your order for you. To have eMachineShop place your order:

  1. Review the eMachineShop terms.
  2. Provide via email or phone or fax:
    1. The desired quantity of parts you need 
    2. The .ems file or prior six-digit order number
    3. Your address
    4. Payment method (credit card or prepay by check).
    5. If paying by credit card, provide your credit card information. 
eMachineShop will not be responsible for any errors that result from your not directly reviewing your order via the CAD software.

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